About Telestream

Telestream's tools provide support for multiple standards and formats from ingest to transmission with the deepest generation and analysis capabilities for digitally uncompressed/compressed video and audio, allowing you to grow as your business requires while maintaining the consistency of quality and user interface experience. Telestream is the worldwide leader in Waveform Monitors and Rasterizers, offering the most complete line from portable measurement to 4K production. Telestream next generation monitoring solutions are more intelligent, robust and comprehensive than traditional monitoring solutions. An industry-best number of critical issues are detected (most often before subscribers experience them), detailed reports are generated for historical/trending analysis and our products offer scalability and an easy-to-use web interface

  • Telestream offerings:

    • Waveform Monitors
    • Video Quality and Service Assurance
    • File Based QC
    • Sync and Reference Generators
    • MPEG Test Solutions
  • Telestream


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