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Investor Focus

Sustained growth in emerging markets offers attractive investment opportunities to international investor yet successful investments require local knowledge and expertise to overcome the risks associated with complex trading conditions present in emerging markets.

Inala Broadcast is a privately owned company, registered in South Africa with operations across Africa. It counts a number of South Africa’s leading institutional technology investors as its shareholders, Convergence Partners and Hasso Plattner, Principle Partners, Investec & Identity Partners.

Inala Broadcast is actively pursuing a strategy of mergers and acquisitions in its sector to capitalize on growth opportunities in emerging markets.

More about our investors:

Convergence Partners

Hasso Plattner

Principal Partners


Identity Partners


Note: In the context of this document the term “PDI” (previously disadvantaged individuals) is used to indicate Africans, Asians, Coloured and disabled people and women.

At Inala Broadcast we have always had a policy of equal opportunity employment, based on our value foundation of respect for the rights and dignity of the individual. However, the inequalities of opportunities resulting from past government policies resulted in inequalities in human resource development across the different racial components of the South African

At Inala Broadcast, we recognise that the mere removal of obstacles to equality does not necessarily make the parties equal. This needs to be supplemented with pro-active policies and additional measures designed to give practical meaning to the concept of equal opportunity.

The previously disadvantaged groups constitute the majority of the South African population. The impact of changes in the economic participation of these groups will reflect itself largely in the integration of PDIs into the economy of South Africa. Furthermore, the greater participation of PDIs in Inala Broadcast is important in gearing the organisation to service clients from the full spectrum of stakeholders in society. PDIs will also provide the future skills market for South African industries, and a company like Inala Broadcast which foresees a future for itself in South Africa must proactively shape that future skills market or face skills shortages in the coming years. Inala Broadcast must therefore invest into the future skills market of South Africa for its own future benefit.

In the final instance, as citizens of the world, Inala Broadcast is committed to building a stimulating environment characterised by cultural diversity.

For further information on Inala Broadcast’s BBBEE contact Anneline Smit: +27 (0)11 073 0105