For more than a decade Zixi has been solving the toughest challenges in the video streaming industry. As a collection of thought leaders, engineers and serial entrepreneurs, we are driven to innovate and build technologies that matter to our customers and the industry worldwide. Three core values fuel our growth: 

Collaborative. Collaboration and creativity within our teams, across the industry and within our Zixi Ecosystem are key to our success. 

Pragmatic. We use our ingenuity to tackle not only the big challenges, but also to find everyday changes that improve our customers’ workflow and bottom line. 

Driven. Our company was built to be future-proof, creating technologies that solve the toughest challenges of the future, today. 

Zixi Mission—Always On, Always Advancing We like the tough stuff. Solving the world’s video over IP challenges isn’t easy, especially as the market continues to explode, but it is what we are built for. With over a decade of unmatched technical advancements, Zixi’s ongoing innovation ensures you are always on no matter what comes next. The breadth and depth of our offerings means you can simultaneously elevate your platform while also reducing costs.