Signiant’s SaaS products provide fast, seamless and secure access to media assets, on any storage, anywhere. Our software is trusted by more than 50,000 companies to move petabytes of high value content every day across the global media supply chain. No matter where content needs to flow — between people, between systems, with partners, or to and from the cloud — Signiant has it covered. Our patented SaaS platform underpins each product, offering centralized visibility and control, and providing the foundation for innovations that extend beyond fast file transfer.

Media Shuttle

Media Shuttle is the easiest and most reliable way for people to send any size of file, anywhere, fast. With Shuttle, end-users can securely access and share media assets from any storage, on-premises or in the cloud. With more than 1,000,000 global end-users, Media Shuttle is the de facto industry standard for person-initiated file transfers.

Jet Product Page Logo

Signiant Jet is a powerfully simple solution for automated file transfers between locations, between partners, and to and from the cloud. Backed by Signiant’s patented intelligent transport, Jet is capable of multi-Gbps transfer speeds, supports hot folders and scheduled jobs, and can be easily incorporated into more complex operations with Jet’s API.

Flight Deck

Flight Deck unites the feature-rich functionality of Manager+Agents and the powerful cloud I/O capabilities of Signiant Flight — which together form the core transport backbone for most of the world’s largest media companies. Flight Deck’s cloud-connected features, including visibility from the same Signiant console used by Media Shuttle and Jet, bring the gold standard in advanced automated file movement into the SaaS era.